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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of membership?

To make the most impact and forge community TAP only offers its full bundle of comprehensive services through monthly membership.

Performance Training Discounts

  • 15% to 20% discounted rates on individual sessions depending on training frequency (weekly or biweekly) along with a 30% discount on individual therapy sessions, if needed.
Performance Therapy Discounts
  • 20% to 30% discounted rates on individual therapy sessions depending on the frequency of therapy (weekly or biweekly).
Additional Benefits
Only members receive complementary access to performance medicine, routine analysis and progress reporting, invitations to member only events, personalized strength challenges.

What kind of medical care do you provide?

Performance medicine is delivered remotely via telehealth and virtual care tools. Care is evidence-based and preventative. We do not sell suplements or conduct unecessary tests or studies. Services available to members include:

  • Comprehensive health risk assessment as well as review of health history
  • Preventative screening blood work
  • Coordination of care, referrals as well as E-consults with specialists, when warranted
  • Integration of personal health data from mobile and wearable devices along with use of remote monitoring to measure key performance indicators such as sleep, stress, weight, nutrition, blood pressure
  • Routine measurement of functional fitness
  • Tracking and analytics of personalized key health and performance metrics
  • Ongoing personal goal setting, customized challenges and health coaching
  • Assistance contending with common non-urgent medical concerns and prescription/refill of non-controlled medications, when warranted

Can my kids join?

Children may join as members and while we offer them health coaching and performance analysis we do not offer medical advice or care to anyone under 18.

Do you take insurance?

Offeing our innovative model unfortunately means being unable to accept insurance. We are private pay and do not accept Medicare or any other insurance whatsoever.

How much do your sevices cost?

TAP's full set of comprehensive services are only available through monthly memberships which begin at $425/month.
Members receive discounted rates depending on utilization and frequency of training or therapy services.
Performance Training
Nonmembers: $125 / 45 minutes Members: Up to 20% discount for individuals & up to 40% for small groups

Performance Therapy
Nonmembers: $200 / 45 minutes
Members: Discounted up to 30%

Performance Medicine
Nonmembers: $250 / 45 minutes
Members: Included at no additional cost