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Our monthly membership plans combine individualized attention to your performance goals, one-on-one functional strength training, personalized preventative medicine and manual therapy that restores and helps avoid injuries.




Our Mission: Tap into your full potential for performance & health.


We believe health is wealth and exercise is effective medicine. 


We believe tapping in and increasing awareness helps people transform themselves.


We believe the rise of virtual care, connected fitness options, wearable devices and access to personal health data gives us an opportunity to be more personal and attentive.

We believe we are here for each other.  In a socially distant world, connecting and community matter more than ever.

TAP is your purpose-built, mission driven community and trusted partner for fully optimizing  performance and health.

Our Unique Approach

TAP integrates fitness, hands-on therapy and preventative healthcare.

We optimize performance, expand potential and promote health by ensuring our members are strong, stable and supported. 

Routine training or therapy sessions along with assessments, curated connected fitness devices and virtual care tools enable us to reliably track progress and deliver results.


Performance Coaching

TAP into dedicated personal fitness coaching utilizing proprietary functional movement and training methods that collectively increase core strength as well as the performance of muscles, joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. 


Performance Therapy

TAP into best practices from manual medicine, physiotherapy, biomechanics and athletic conditioning. 

TAP’s hands-on, movement and fascial-based therapy  rapidly facilitates recovery while increasing resilience and providing stability to help both restore and avoid injuries.  


Performance Medicine

TAP into performance medicine that performs the way so many wish health care would: kindly with a sincere reverence for prevention.

TAP understands,  tracks and supports all of our member's goals — delivering data driven functional fitness and therapy alongside access to routine medical assessment, preventative screenings and even lab work,  medications and coordination of care when needed.  

Our Values 

Accountability Matters 

We measure and track each member's progress through a customized dashboard  that details  standardized and personalized health metrics. 

 Results Matter

Our approach is no-nonsense, results focused, transparent and evidence-informed. We designed it to regularly assess and report on outcomes.

Transformation Matters

We consistently empower our members providing continual support and open communication with routine checks-in between scheduled in person visits.

Community Matters

Our events and group challenges are organized opportunities to learn, discovery, play, gather and collectively make an impact with others tapping into their full potential.


TAP into our social media... but know we much prefer actually socializing. 

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